Advanced Import of Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity

Advanced Import of Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity

This post aims to cover the more advanced methods of importing the toolkit into your project by downloading the source straight from GitHub using Git source control.

What you’ll need

If needed, you should download and follow the default installation instructions for the software below:

For the purposes of this tutorial I will be using the Source Tree git client.

Getting Started

Open Source Tree and Press the Clone button to add a new repository.

Next we need is the Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity’s remote url, which you can find on the main repository GitHub page.

Copy the URL and paste it into your Source Path field

Once the repository has downloaded, you can quickly open to the project’s root by simply selecting the Working Copy pane and pressing Open in File Explorer

Working Copy

Next launch the Unity Editor and create a new project.

Right click the Asset folder and press Show in Explorer.

Align both File Explorer windows next to each other.

Go into the Assets Folder for each window.

In the Source Tree Clone File Explorer window, click and drag the HoloToolkit folder and it’s associated .meta file into your projects asset folder.

Next, you’ll want to prepare the project for Windows Mixed Reality.

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