Handling Input with the Mixed Reality Toolkit

Handling Input with the Mixed Reality Toolkit

What You’ll need

  • You’ll need to have the default scene setup as outlined in this post.
    • The InputManager.prefab in your scene
    • A cursor that inherits from the ICursor interface in your scene
  • GameObect(s) you want to interact with are required to have a Collider component.
  • When using uGUI, all world space canvases are required to use the UIRaycastCamera as their event camera.
  • When consuming events in your input handlers, it’s highly suggested you call eventData.Use(); so the event doesn’t fall through to other input handlers.

Getting Started

First, it’s important to read and review Microsoft’s developer guidelines for GazeGesturesVoice, and Motion Controllers.

Detecting Input Sources

Getting Focus

Getting Generic Input and Pointer Clicks

Xbox Controller Input

Voice Input

Dictation Input

Hold, Navigation, and Manipulation Inputs

Motion Controller Input

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